Thursday, November 12, 2015

You've gained 10 more pounds???

This isn't my typical blog post, it's more of what they call a shameless plug. But I'm excited to add two new additions to my existing coaching programs; month-to-month health and wellness coaching, and my new hourly "Small Bites" coaching sessions. All programs are offered in person or remotely (meaning, you can stay in your pajamas!) and, there are no contracts or ongoing commitments required. Keep reading, there's a good recipe at the end :)

How would you like to have your very own Health Coach? Some people have their personal trainers, their yogi masters, their children's nannies ~ and many, are discovering the beauty and success of having their own personal health coach. It really does take a village. Health Coaches are trained to not only work with nutrition, and finding what works best for each individual, but also all other life areas, whether you need help with your career, relationship, personal development or have just kinda lost your mojo and need some help and support getting it back. You don't have to do this alone! 

Why wait ‘til after the holidays, when you’ve put on ten pounds, spent way too much money, and now are having a mini bout of depression, only to make those New Year’s resolutions once again? And with my brand of health coaching, we use intentions instead of resolutions. The problem with making resolutions is that they usually focus on the negative, areas in our life where we feel we have shortcomings, or where we have failed in the past. Focusing on the negative things in our life can only bring us more of the same. When we focus, commit to, and are clear about the positive things that we want to attract, that is when we are working with intentions.You can make simple changes to the way you eat, the way you think, and implement them now to get a jump start on one of your healthiest and happiest new years ever! My goal is to help you feel great, lose the extra weight, and get back to loving life (all this, without giving up your favorite things like wine and chocolate!)

For $49.00 per month (month to month, no contract necessary) you will receive monthly ongoing information, guidance, motivation, tips, suggestions, all via email, and 60 minutes/month of phone/Skype consulting. What do you have to lose? (maybe some weight, some aches & pains, some insecurities, some old beliefs that have been holding you back?)

Email me at and let’s schedule you in, or, this would also make a perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one that you think would benefit from this opportunity. Visit ~ to learn about me and my services. I'm looking forward to getting healthy with you!

And also, my "Small Bites" coaching sessions are now available:

30 or 60 MINUTE "Small bites" COACHING SESSIONS

(One on One ongoing Coaching, as needed - no contracts or additional commitment)
Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance or are seeking some answers or some sound advice. These half hour or hour sessions (depending on what you need) are perfect for a motivational boost; to address some confusing questions or to to provide guidance where you feel you are needing it most. Whether you have nutritional, physical, emotional, spiritual or life satisfaction concerns, we can cover these and get you back on the path and able to pass "Go" again.
These sessions are all done by phone or Skype, so you can be anywhere in the world. Contact me and we can schedule a convenient time for us to connect. 
                        30-minute session $45.00        60-minute session $80.00

Healthy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
5 mins
Total time
10 mins

Serves: 1
  8 ounces brewed coffee (or 1-2 shots of espresso)
  ½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  3 Tablespoons pumpkin puree
  1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  ½ teaspoon vanilla
  2-3 drops of liquid stevia (or sweetener of choice)
  sprinkle of cinnamon

1.       In a cup or sauce pan, mix together almond milk and pumpkin. Cook on medium heat
         on the stove top or microwave for 30-45 seconds.
2.     Remove from heat, stir in vanilla, spices and sweetener, place in a cup and use a frother to foam the milk. You can also use a blender - just process for 30 seconds or until foamy.
3.     Pour coffee into a large mug, add the foamy milk mixture on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!

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