Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Two-Faces of Facebook

Facebook - what’s wrong with everyone? Posting about being in love, sharing all these photos of their children, the food they ate, the food they made, their political views, their vacations, their complaints and woes, their illnesses and losses.

The thing is, nothing’s wrong. What’s wrong, I believe, is how we judge everyone. Maybe that’s fair game, a risk we take, when we are putting it all out there. 

I’ve heard it from so many people and have been guilty of this myself. “I don’t need to know about that” - “Why the hell is he sharing this??” Technically, we probably don’t NEED to know about any of it. But like it or not, the world has changed, the way we communicate has changed, and this is the way we do things now. And right or wrong, we all feel it's up to us to establish the rules of engagement here, to lay down some kind of posting etiquette

Who gets to make the rules?

We all find that we use Facebook (or any social media site) for different reasons. Some find it like a newspaper, with articles and photos about people they know, pure entertainment, their substitute coffee klatch, a diary that they secretly wish someone would read, a form of connection, a cry for help, the only friend they feel they have, the old fashioned grapevine, or the word on the street. Whatever it is to you is ok. And the people that are complaining about the posts on Facebook, are people that are posting their stuff on Facebook! It’s kind of like a high school locker room ~ we’re all here, and we’re all talking behind each other’s backs. And you know what? It bores me.

If you don't want to "unfriend" people, there is also a way to “unfollow” your “friends” so that you can keep that all important friend count up, but don’t need to be privy to any of their posts. If these posts really bother you, if you really don’t care what your “friends” are doing, feeling, and thinking, then unfollow them. Simple. There's really no need for us to bash each other. So let’s lighten up and perhaps even see it as a privilege to be let into other people’s worlds. Let’s enjoy the photos - the recipes - the words of wisdom - the news, whether it's good, bad, or things we don’t agree with, maybe view these posts with a little bit of kindness. I mean, truly, it they are our “friends” wouldn’t we want that? And if it’s all too much, if it has become a chore, a burden to read, it’s so very easy to simply sign off.

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